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The End.. and the Begining... and some Thank yous!!  

What am I listening to? MY SECOND STUDIO ALBUM!!!! Its COMPLETED Its FINISHED! And it is BEAUTIFUL! 

Its everything I wanted it to be, full of amazing musical talent, and gorgeous production, and so much love! This has been in the making since March 1st, 2022 when I first reached out to my producer Eric Blomquist at River Rock Studios and said "Interested in my project?" And he said YES!! And I am so very thankful!! 

The dream of "My Time" actually began during the creation of my debut album "By Special Request"... I knew that it was going to be called My Time, after a song that I had written, and then went forward and wrote songs that would fit perfectly on it... All of the work put into this album, makes it bittersweet to wrap up. So much energy and thought and decisions and practice on these 9 songs for 5 months, and now complete... Done..Over

... But also I am just getting started. Now its time to promote this baby and try to let everyone I can have an opportunity to listen! So although this part is over and done with, now I begin the other half... And I am looking forward to it all!!  

There are musicians on this album that I havent met, and want to take the opportunity to thank for all of their musical magic that they added to "My Time" 

   THANK YOU!!!! (until I can meet you in person!)

Ian Combs (Bass and guitar)

Tareq Abdelqader (Drums)

Ben Waligoske (Pedal Steel Guitar)

And A HUGE THANK YOU to my vocal coach that saved this album a couple months in! I can honestly say that struggling with laryngitis in the begining of recording, I was so worried I wouldnt be able to make this album and Kimberly Kanitz came into my life and saved this voice of mine and made everything possible again.. She even got me to sing a full voice "High C" on "Feels Like Home" So... that was a win in itself!! Thank you Kimberly!! And thank you to my Brother Adam for bringing her into my life at the right time!!

This album is a wrap...Thank you Eric!!  And I am so very thankful to everyone who joined and helped me along the way!! Thanks you for reading the blogs and stay tuned to the website for more updates!! Can't wait for you all to hear this album! Cheers!! It's a Wrap!! ...


STUDIO DAY 11 "Change" is good.... no it's REALLY GOOD! 

"Change" is a power house 80's/90's kind of rock ballad... I always imagined like "November Rain" and "Bed of Roses" type sound... And oooooooh have we created it! All at the BEAUTIFUL River Rock Studios in MPLS... River Rock Studios

With the beginings of the amazingly talented Adam Daniel again putting down epic and strong piano, adding Big slow drums by the Ooooh so AWESOME JT Bates, and then adding smooth bass by IAN COMBS...(I would love to meet you some day! )

All that was left was an epic guitar solo right? ..... Oh yes!!! Ken Valdez brought not only an unreal guitar solo, but filled out the rest of this ballad with some gorgeous electric guitar sounds that will no doubt in combination with all the other instruments, MELT YOUR HEART! I met Ken during the livestreaming days! He was so kind and had me on his podcast "The Ken Valdez Approach" ... He is a truly outstanding musician and you need to check him out!

This was my first time meeting the unreal talented JT Bates, and it was incredible to see him hear the same sound with the drums that I imagined,,, and all I needed to say with my super descriptive words was "Big Slow" and he got it!

Adam Daniel began the process of this song for us by playing the most amazing piano, better than I could ever dream of playing! He played on "My Time" as well and you can read all about him on that blog post too!! (STUDIO DAY 4)

I should not have listened to this song driving, the first time, I almost couldnt see the road by eyes were watering so! The deal is.. when your dream comes to fruition and is a full on reality, it's unbelieveable the feeling that comes with it, and next time I will be parked.. (no accidents occurred...:))

This song no doubtedly will be a banger and I am SO GRATEFUL for all that came on board to make it happen!! Of course none of this would have happened without my partner in crime and reverb, my producer/engineer/magician Eric Blomquist!! So thankful for you with this song... It is a magical one for sure! 

                            Ken Valdez   CHECK Ken Valdez Out HERE!


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                            JT Bates  Check out more from JT Bates HERE

Studio Day 10... Final Vocals Day...Ending on a High Note! 

As I write this... I am listening to what we did on day 10.... Wow... Can I say anything more? Sure... HOLY #$@&!!!!! WHAAAT?!!!? That blew my mind! I was able to sing with the music created by all of these amazing musicians on 3 of my songs! And then Eric Blomquist and I sat... (I watched and listened)... as he edited a bit here and there... Reverb? Yes please...

My heart drops with every intro, I felt like I absolutly needed to being my "A Game" to these songs... I hope I did... And after some practice with my new amazing vocal coach (I will blog about her later) I was able to bust out a high "C" in full voice to end one of these songs! What a way to go out with this album!!! #VocalGoals

From the bottom of my musical soul I am forever greatful to these magical humans for being a part of this album... I just can't handle this day!!! Thank you Eric again, for making all of these days a time I will never forget! Now for the next steps!! Whooot Whoot! This teamwork is feeling so GOOD! 

Studio Day 9... Oops He Did it Again!... 

Ladies and gentleman... David Feily! Back in the studio with Eric and me on Day 9!! The song... "In the Stars".. A bittersweet song of a young love cut down in its prime, and now only lives in the stars.. What was originally written on piano, David said... "I hear electric guitar!" And I said YEASSS!! Now I believe this is how it should have been written! There is such a beautiful story in this song and with each string that David plays I hear and feel all the emotions that are in the lyrics. I am so grateful that we were able to work together again on this album, as David always blows me away with his abilitly to take a song of mine and make it perfection! Cheers Friend! Check out more from David Feily here!...   Click for more from David Feily

Studio Day 8... The Band... 

When I wrote the song "Feels Like Home" I knew I wanted it to be big... "Band" Big... And Eric Blomquist Delivered with some AMAZING Musicians! Of course I can't make every song "band big" ... thats a different budget... but there will be a few more on this album than on my first!

It is a TREAT to say the very least when there are a room full of musicians working on a song that I wrote in my living room one day not too long ago.. (I know I use this word a lot.. but)... it was MAGIC. 

It was truly an honor to share my song with Joe Peterson (piano, guitar, B3) JT Bates (drums) and Ian Allison (bass)...

I was so sad to leave this session early as I had to get to a show of mine.. But I am more than excited to hear what the end result was... I know it was epic already when I left! Thank you guys!!! 

Studio Day 6&7 .... Joe & Julia bringing all the magic! 

"Gales".... a song I knew right when I wrote it I would want to ask Julia Floberg to play her beautiful cello with me, and she said yes! Not only to Gales, but also to two other songs! I was feeling so lucky!

Joe and Julia played together on my last album on "Vanishing" Which ended up being my absolute favorite song from "By Special Request"... Joe came in... and we got this one in 3 takes... It was so perfect! Then Julia joined and brought all the feels out with her cello...

This song was written watching video of Gale force winds in Lake Superior up near the Two Harbors area and I was mesmerized by the rythms of the waves and the power that they blew in with...I hope when you listen to this one, you will feel the rythms of these winds too! 

Check out more from Julia here! ... Julia's music page

To Merch or Not To Merch.... that was the question 

So... I love to write music, I love to sing my songs, I love more than anything that I get to share my music on such a large platform that I never thought I would have... I love that I am having a second chance at bringing an album to the world... What I don't love??? Selling my stuff.. But...I see all these musicians have shirts, and merch along with their albums and I think its awesome, but haven't ever thought I should do that... But WHY NOT!!??

It's a way to get a little help with making this album! And...It's giving back a shirt, for getting a little help with the album.. So why not! So here we are .... My Shirts! I chose two options... a fabulous Signature Amanda B. Perry Music look with the albums on the back and then a limited edition "Notorious A.B.P" which is the name given to me from a fellow musician friend (Hi Marc!)  also with the albums on the back... They're both cute and stretchy and comfy! So if you feel like a new shirt, or would just like a way to help me out make this album a reality... Get yourself a shirt! 

Thanks to Coldside Silkscreening in Minneapolis for these epic tees.... I'm obsessed! Cheers!! You can order yours here... Order Shirt Here

Studio Day 5 Vocals Day!! (Eric, Me, and Reverb)  

Eric Blomquist.... Owner of this incredible studio "River Rock Studios" in Minneapolis, also my engineer and producer...  spent a wonderful few hours showing me the ropes of how we do vocals day!

Today we tackled "Spinning" and "My Time". It was so awesome standing in the center of the studio feeling all these amazing vibes of artists who have stood there before me. And trying to fill the shoes that the musicians Adam Daniel and David Feily have layed down for me in these songs already... I found myself truly in my happy space.. 

We decided that when it comes to Reverb... there is level 100... and then I would like to add a bit more... But thanks to Eric's ears and talent, I realized that maybe a litle less is okay too... lol... But I am truly a Reverb Lover.. Forever! 

I am thankful for this first vocals day, it makes such a difference, taking time to prepare to hit these songs after practicing with the recordings we did last time... Trying to "breathe" with the music and feel the lyrics throughout is happening and the end results will be so amazing!  Thank you Eric for making this a beautiful day! And for the laughs as well! Cheers! Check out more about Eric and the studio Check out more about the studio and Eric Here!

Studio Day 4 - Ladies and gentleman... Adam Daniel!  

In 2020 I started listening to Adam Daniel play to his audiences on his livestreams and immediatly was blown away from his style on the piano... If you haven't heard him yet, click on the link below and check him out! He is amazingly talented and was kind enough to say yes to playing on my album! He filled the studio this day with every perfect chord that this grand piano could play... I almost just want to have these 2 songs be instrumentals... almost. 

Adam and I worked on "Change" and "My Time"... The excitement I have for "Change" has been growing since I wrote it in 2020... I can hear so much with this song, and with the shared passion on the keys for these chords, Adam gave "Change" all the build up and emotion I was always trying to give it when I played.. This will be one of the bigger songs on this album, I have always called it my Bon Jovi song.. its a big power ballad... 

"My Time" of course the title track from the album... We worked through this one and Adam gave it the facelift that it needed and so now I am going to work on adding my vocals in a new way so that they can meet the talent on the keys!

I am so very thankful for this day at the studio with Adam Daniel and Eric Blomquist. I know I say this a lot... but it really truly is amazing... the feeling of other musicians, and my producer being excited and into a song that I wrote! That feeling will never go away.. Also to laugh and smile makes the whole experience, perfection,,, so thank you Adam for that as well. Still smiling over here...Cheers friend.. 

Check out more from Adam Daniel.. click Here!


Studio Day 3 - Spinning... and finally get to meet David Feily!!  

On my first album, I was lucky to have the amazingly talented David Feily play the song "Always" ... It was a beautiful acustic guitar song, that he recorded from his home and sent to Miles at the studio, and I sang along with the recording... It turned out amazing, but I always missed being able to meet with him and sing along with him playing.. It is a truly a magical experience to record it live.. Well this time WE MET!!! 

Day 3 at River Rock Studios with my producer/engineer Eric Blomquist and I met with David Feily to work on another acoustic guitar song for this album..."Spinning". David of course brought his everything to this and it was beautiful to listen to. 

I find myself feeling so lucky and inspired by all of these musicians that I am working with.. I can only hope I can bring my everything to each of these songs as well! Truly awesome!

Click for more music by David Feily