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Last 2 Songs... COMPLETE.. Huge Thank Yous!! 

So as I write this.... I am listening to the last 2 songs that we finished this week... And I could NOT BE HAPPIER!!! Miles took on these songs and heard instruments that I could never have thought of, and of course they have ended up BRILLIANT!! 

This week we finished Runaway and One of Those Nights... So Here are my big thank yous!!!!


One of Those Nights....

This song was a sweet collaboration from the start! My super talented friend.. a Madison, WI based musician/producer Bradley Thomas aka.. D.L.O gave me an epic drum beat and said... "write something to this! " So I did!! It was titled "One of those Nights" And I just went with that... A super mellow cheating song.. And I loved it!

Now fast forward a year or so... and with creative ideas from Miles, we added in Minneapolis musician Patrick Nelson to the mix on guitar and bass and adding more drums... and the finished product is something that will make me smile forever!

Hearing it for the first... and now 18th time today... I am in love with the compilation of music style and rhythm in this and cant help but press repeat! 

So a huge Thank you to Bradley and Pat!!! This one is a favorite!

                                       The very talented Bradley Thomas... D.L.O... Check him out! Thank you for creating something awesome with me friend!

                                     Mr. Patrick Nelson everyone!! ... Thank you for adding such perfect sound on many instruments to this and others on my album! I am                                         so very grateful! 




And last but not least... I am calling this a duet!!

Adding Julia Floberg to a third song on this album was a Gift to ME!!! Wow... Miles heard cello on this song from the start, and I am so thankful to the Amazing Julia  for adding the most beautiful cello on this song!  Runaway is a love song about seeing beyond the screens  in our life and remembering love found before that fast pace... Runaway with me to get back to that even if just for an night..

Thank you Julia for answering every note that I sang on this song with a beautiful note on your cello! I am so in love with this one! 

                                    The amazing Julia Floberg... Along with Joe Peterson! You can hear Julia on "Runaway", "Vanishing" and "Necklace".

                                     And Joe can be heard on "Vanishing", "One Sip Away" and "Old Love New"... I am so very lucky to have them add

                                     so much to this album! 


Wrap up this dream... "I'm Not Crying ... You're Crying!" 

                                                                           Mr. Miles Hanson and me at Creation Audio one last time.. 

Okay so yeah I cried... Last day of singing on my album.. We wrapped all my notes up and we toasted to the wrapping up of this album! 

I am forever grateful that so many serendipitous moments led me to work with Miles Hanson.. He has forever changed my music for the better and has made what was once a total dream absolutely come true! I am so excited to hear the finished product, and then move forward on sharing it with the world! Or... ya know.. whoever will listen.. :) 

I came to Creation Audio with hope.. a lot of nerves..  and 11 songs to share.... and I leave with an album that is more than I could ever have imagined!

I am so thankful to the musicians on this album that agreed to play with someone they didn't know.. and I am so very, very grateful to my friends and my family that helped me financially and emotionally to be able to make this happen! I made you a promise that I would give my all to this, and I believe I have. 

Miles and I left with a plan to finish this... and even chats about album #2... So yeah.. Life is pretty amazing right now! 

I am humbled and recognize that this year of 2020 has been more downs then ups for most of us... And I can only hope that I have been able to add a little sunshine your way to get us through to when things are normal once again... 

I look forward to the Release of this album... MY ALBUM! .... And whatever that looks like.. Probably going to be a livestream of sorts.. I will let you all know..

Thank you All for Making this happen.... My heart is full and so grateful... 

~Amanda B. Perry

Exactly the Sounds I wanted to hear!! 

On this album of mine... I am joined by some of the most amazing musicians! And these 3 songs are perfect examples!

We finished recording ... Old Love New, Always, and Fade

Old Love New...

I was joined by my dear friend Don Ingebretson for this recording... This collaboration began in my living room and has ended up being so fun! He played acoustic guitar and added  a perfect elec. guitar solo too! Thank you Don!!! 

Along with  Don,  Joe Peterson also joined in the fun and added some wonderful guitar to "Old Love New"... I feel so very lucky to have both musicians with me on this one!


                                  Don Ingebretson and Amanda B. Perry


                                     Joe Peterson adding another beautiful sound to the album




I originally wrote this on piano, with the constant hope that I could find a pop sounding guitar for it. And of course Miles found the perfect musician for the job! Mr. David Feily. He took on the song and nailed it in the style and sound I was hoping for! No photo op for us because it was all done remotely due to Covid times.. But I hope to one day meet you in person David! Thank you! 

Photo: David Feily



I asked the very talented Mr. Nick Hensley to join me on this song. I am so thankful to Nick for letting me sing at his MN Singer-Songwriters Showcases and also I am a big fan of his music. Check him out and you will love it! Nick adds the most beautiful harmonica sound to this song, turning it into a powerhouse!! I don't ever want to listen to this song without harmonica again! Thank you Nick!! 
Photo: Nick Hensley and Amanda B. Perry


One Sip Away... A BAND!?!?! 

A whole band? Seriously? I was able to have my country song "One Sip Away" played by a whole band! And these musicians are seriously amazing and I am still in shock at how great it all sounds! We spent an afternoon together at the studio laughing, being creative, and making the best of this Covid time while there's not a lot of work for musicians.. These guys came in and made something magical with my little country tune. 

I am forever grateful for them!

Cheers to these guys!!....

  • Ben Peterson - Drums
  • Patrick Nelson- Bass
  • Andrew Wozniak- Guitar
  • Joe Peterson- B3
  • Elliott Blaufuss- Piano



Session 2,3,4.... Here I am.... Walking on clouds!  

Okay friends.... This is where I have left reality all together and found myself deep into the dream that is making my album! Studio days 2, 3, and 4... 

songs recorded...

1. How I found You

2. Necklace 

3. One of those nights

4. Runaway

5. Vanishing

6. A Song for Sarah

Every song this week, Miles took a little bit and changed things up... all for the better! I am so thankful that we were connected for this project! He is open to the variety of styles of music that is my album, and I am super open to him changing things up!

My uncle shared with me a story of Bob Dylan... and when recording an album, a producer came in and wanted to change things up and add to the music... and Bob Dylan wasn't interested... but came around.. And it became a huge album... one of the best! I have kept that story in my heart and welcomed all of Mile's changes... and so far we are making in my opinion... GOLD RECORDS! Lol!! Okay... maybe not gold... Probably platinum.... Hahaha....  Well.... at least on my wall they will be! 

Day 4 has to be the most memorable day I will ever have experienced... Because the first time, can only happen once... after that it seems normal. But day 4 brought the introduction of two professional musicians to the studio to play on my album. Mr. Joe Peterson on piano, and Miss Julia Floberg on Cello. Miles suggested their talents for my song Vanishing and then also Julia on Necklace. 

They received my demo of Vanishing the night before... Which I thought "okay we will need to run it a couple times I'm sure.." But NOPE... Went right in, they got all set up and then Miles says... "Lets run it!" .....WHAT???!!? was my thought... but to my extreme shock and immediate gratification, they played my song, not only as I played it... But as I could only have dreamed of it being played... The cello came in at EXACTLY the spot that I always dreamed it would! And Joe played the keys, as if he wrote the song instead of me! It was so beautiful... Miles had us do three takes, each take I believe I cried a little more! 

Then we all sat and listened.... Okay... it was so beautiful... I will share part of that with you soon..

Next Julia added her beautiful cello to "Necklace" the song for my mom.. and wow... is all I can say about that. ... And as a thank you for reading this blog... I will add a small preview of Necklace.. 

I think the best way I can describe my feelings for the week are this...

It's as if I was a painter who has held inside all this imagery and imagination for what they can paint on the worlds biggest canvas... And now has been given the brush and all the paint they could ever need. And was told... Paint!!... And make it EVERYTHING you could dream of! ... 

I am seriously on cloud nine... I am thankful and humbled that in this year of so many sad days... that I have been given so may reasons to be thankful and celebrate... and I will share this creation with you so soon! 

Thank you for all of your support so far! Here is to the next session... more musicians.. more tears.. more laughter... and more MUSIC!...

By Special Request....

Is this Real??.....Studio 

Inside the studio of Creation Audio in Mpls... I walk through walls lined with album plaques recorded by artists I have listened to for years! I found myself losing completely the streets and sounds of Minneapolis outside and if I'm being honest.. lost all track of time! Meeting Miles Hanson... my Engineer/Producer was a huge relief... He is so kind, and straight forward.. Was totally 100% interested in my project and could hear things in my song that I couldn't have dreamed of. Even in my most amazing dreams... I would have seen myself at a beautiful giant grand piano in the middle of a large room lit with candles and hearing the keys make a song that I never knew my music could create... and here in this couple hours... I literally found my dream come to reality. All of it... We recorded "Off The Ground" and I will forever remember the first song we did together at the studio! When I got home, there was a text waiting for me with the a word... WOW..... And now we are making this album a dream come true... I am so excited to share this with all of you.... One Song Down...So Thankful...



Off The Ground.... Day 1... EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!! 

As I sit here drinking my coffee this morning.. giggling at the fact that I almost screamed to my Caribou Coffee Barista "IM RECORDING AN ALBUM TODAY!!!" but held back as to not make things weird....  I'm listening to my phone recordings of my song over and over.. Looking for vocal mistakes or key mistakes.. I cant handle the excitement that is racing through my body! 

Today is the first day I go to the Studio and test it all out! Touch the keys, Meet Miles Hanson the Producer/Engineer... And record my first song. I was told about Creation Audio Studio, in Mpls by a few other artists.... And also have a Family/Friend connection to Miles that led me to choose them as well. I have so much hope that this will be the best place to record.. "By Special Request" ... 

I am starting with "Off the Ground" as my first recording. Its just me and the keys today... Which is exactly how I wanted to start. 

This song is a story as old as time... A seasoned relationship that has found themselves more distant than together... and questioning the moments that keep them together , and the ones that tear them apart. Can we get us off the ground?

To ALL of you that are on this Adventure with me... I thank you... and I welcome you in to all the crazy and all the magic! Cheers to what will be the next most exciting time in my life! 

Amanda B. Perry



Here we go!!! Join me on an adventure to creating my first album!! "By Special Request"!