Studio Day 4 - Ladies and gentleman... Adam Daniel!

In 2020 I started listening to Adam Daniel play to his audiences on his livestreams and immediatly was blown away from his style on the piano... If you haven't heard him yet, click on the link below and check him out! He is amazingly talented and was kind enough to say yes to playing on my album! He filled the studio this day with every perfect chord that this grand piano could play... I almost just want to have these 2 songs be instrumentals... almost. 

Adam and I worked on "Change" and "My Time"... The excitement I have for "Change" has been growing since I wrote it in 2020... I can hear so much with this song, and with the shared passion on the keys for these chords, Adam gave "Change" all the build up and emotion I was always trying to give it when I played.. This will be one of the bigger songs on this album, I have always called it my Bon Jovi song.. its a big power ballad... 

"My Time" of course the title track from the album... We worked through this one and Adam gave it the facelift that it needed and so now I am going to work on adding my vocals in a new way so that they can meet the talent on the keys!

I am so very thankful for this day at the studio with Adam Daniel and Eric Blomquist. I know I say this a lot... but it really truly is amazing... the feeling of other musicians, and my producer being excited and into a song that I wrote! That feeling will never go away.. Also to laugh and smile makes the whole experience, perfection,,, so thank you Adam for that as well. Still smiling over here...Cheers friend.. 

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