To Merch or Not To Merch.... that was the question

So... I love to write music, I love to sing my songs, I love more than anything that I get to share my music on such a large platform that I never thought I would have... I love that I am having a second chance at bringing an album to the world... What I don't love??? Selling my stuff.. But...I see all these musicians have shirts, and merch along with their albums and I think its awesome, but haven't ever thought I should do that... But WHY NOT!!??

It's a way to get a little help with making this album! And...It's giving back a shirt, for getting a little help with the album.. So why not! So here we are .... My Shirts! I chose two options... a fabulous Signature Amanda B. Perry Music look with the albums on the back and then a limited edition "Notorious A.B.P" which is the name given to me from a fellow musician friend (Hi Marc!)  also with the albums on the back... They're both cute and stretchy and comfy! So if you feel like a new shirt, or would just like a way to help me out make this album a reality... Get yourself a shirt! 

Thanks to Coldside Silkscreening in Minneapolis for these epic tees.... I'm obsessed! Cheers!! You can order yours here... Order Shirt Here

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