Studio Day 10... Final Vocals Day...Ending on a High Note!

As I write this... I am listening to what we did on day 10.... Wow... Can I say anything more? Sure... HOLY #$@&!!!!! WHAAAT?!!!? That blew my mind! I was able to sing with the music created by all of these amazing musicians on 3 of my songs! And then Eric Blomquist and I sat... (I watched and listened)... as he edited a bit here and there... Reverb? Yes please...

My heart drops with every intro, I felt like I absolutly needed to being my "A Game" to these songs... I hope I did... And after some practice with my new amazing vocal coach (I will blog about her later) I was able to bust out a high "C" in full voice to end one of these songs! What a way to go out with this album!!! #VocalGoals

From the bottom of my musical soul I am forever greatful to these magical humans for being a part of this album... I just can't handle this day!!! Thank you Eric again, for making all of these days a time I will never forget! Now for the next steps!! Whooot Whoot! This teamwork is feeling so GOOD! 

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