Studio Day 6&7 .... Joe & Julia bringing all the magic!

"Gales".... a song I knew right when I wrote it I would want to ask Julia Floberg to play her beautiful cello with me, and she said yes! Not only to Gales, but also to two other songs! I was feeling so lucky!

Joe and Julia played together on my last album on "Vanishing" Which ended up being my absolute favorite song from "By Special Request"... Joe came in... and we got this one in 3 takes... It was so perfect! Then Julia joined and brought all the feels out with her cello...

This song was written watching video of Gale force winds in Lake Superior up near the Two Harbors area and I was mesmerized by the rythms of the waves and the power that they blew in with...I hope when you listen to this one, you will feel the rythms of these winds too! 

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