Studio Day 5 Vocals Day!! (Eric, Me, and Reverb)

Eric Blomquist.... Owner of this incredible studio "River Rock Studios" in Minneapolis, also my engineer and producer...  spent a wonderful few hours showing me the ropes of how we do vocals day!

Today we tackled "Spinning" and "My Time". It was so awesome standing in the center of the studio feeling all these amazing vibes of artists who have stood there before me. And trying to fill the shoes that the musicians Adam Daniel and David Feily have layed down for me in these songs already... I found myself truly in my happy space.. 

We decided that when it comes to Reverb... there is level 100... and then I would like to add a bit more... But thanks to Eric's ears and talent, I realized that maybe a litle less is okay too... lol... But I am truly a Reverb Lover.. Forever! 

I am thankful for this first vocals day, it makes such a difference, taking time to prepare to hit these songs after practicing with the recordings we did last time... Trying to "breathe" with the music and feel the lyrics throughout is happening and the end results will be so amazing!  Thank you Eric for making this a beautiful day! And for the laughs as well! Cheers! Check out more about Eric and the studio Check out more about the studio and Eric Here!

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