Studio Day 3 - Spinning... and finally get to meet David Feily!!

On my first album, I was lucky to have the amazingly talented David Feily play the song "Always" ... It was a beautiful acustic guitar song, that he recorded from his home and sent to Miles at the studio, and I sang along with the recording... It turned out amazing, but I always missed being able to meet with him and sing along with him playing.. It is a truly a magical experience to record it live.. Well this time WE MET!!! 

Day 3 at River Rock Studios with my producer/engineer Eric Blomquist and I met with David Feily to work on another acoustic guitar song for this album..."Spinning". David of course brought his everything to this and it was beautiful to listen to. 

I find myself feeling so lucky and inspired by all of these musicians that I am working with.. I can only hope I can bring my everything to each of these songs as well! Truly awesome!

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