Session 2,3,4.... Here I am.... Walking on clouds! 

Okay friends.... This is where I have left reality all together and found myself deep into the dream that is making my album! Studio days 2, 3, and 4... 

songs recorded...

1. How I found You

2. Necklace 

3. One of those nights

4. Runaway

5. Vanishing

6. A Song for Sarah

Every song this week, Miles took a little bit and changed things up... all for the better! I am so thankful that we were connected for this project! He is open to the variety of styles of music that is my album, and I am super open to him changing things up!

My uncle shared with me a story of Bob Dylan... and when recording an album, a producer came in and wanted to change things up and add to the music... and Bob Dylan wasn't interested... but came around.. And it became a huge album... one of the best! I have kept that story in my heart and welcomed all of Mile's changes... and so far we are making in my opinion... GOLD RECORDS! Lol!! Okay... maybe not gold... Probably platinum.... Hahaha....  Well.... at least on my wall they will be! 

Day 4 has to be the most memorable day I will ever have experienced... Because the first time, can only happen once... after that it seems normal. But day 4 brought the introduction of two professional musicians to the studio to play on my album. Mr. Joe Peterson on piano, and Miss Julia Floberg on Cello. Miles suggested their talents for my song Vanishing and then also Julia on Necklace. 

They received my demo of Vanishing the night before... Which I thought "okay we will need to run it a couple times I'm sure.." But NOPE... Went right in, they got all set up and then Miles says... "Lets run it!" .....WHAT???!!? was my thought... but to my extreme shock and immediate gratification, they played my song, not only as I played it... But as I could only have dreamed of it being played... The cello came in at EXACTLY the spot that I always dreamed it would! And Joe played the keys, as if he wrote the song instead of me! It was so beautiful... Miles had us do three takes, each take I believe I cried a little more! 

Then we all sat and listened.... Okay... it was so beautiful... I will share part of that with you soon..

Next Julia added her beautiful cello to "Necklace" the song for my mom.. and wow... is all I can say about that. ... And as a thank you for reading this blog... I will add a small preview of Necklace.. 

I think the best way I can describe my feelings for the week are this...

It's as if I was a painter who has held inside all this imagery and imagination for what they can paint on the worlds biggest canvas... And now has been given the brush and all the paint they could ever need. And was told... Paint!!... And make it EVERYTHING you could dream of! ... 

I am seriously on cloud nine... I am thankful and humbled that in this year of so many sad days... that I have been given so may reasons to be thankful and celebrate... and I will share this creation with you so soon! 

Thank you for all of your support so far! Here is to the next session... more musicians.. more tears.. more laughter... and more MUSIC!...

By Special Request....