Is this Real??.....Studio

Inside the studio of Creation Audio in Mpls... I walk through walls lined with album plaques recorded by artists I have listened to for years! I found myself losing completely the streets and sounds of Minneapolis outside and if I'm being honest.. lost all track of time! Meeting Miles Hanson... my Engineer/Producer was a huge relief... He is so kind, and straight forward.. Was totally 100% interested in my project and could hear things in my song that I couldn't have dreamed of. Even in my most amazing dreams... I would have seen myself at a beautiful giant grand piano in the middle of a large room lit with candles and hearing the keys make a song that I never knew my music could create... and here in this couple hours... I literally found my dream come to reality. All of it... We recorded "Off The Ground" and I will forever remember the first song we did together at the studio! When I got home, there was a text waiting for me with the a word... WOW..... And now we are making this album a dream come true... I am so excited to share this with all of you.... One Song Down...So Thankful...



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