Off The Ground.... Day 1... EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!

As I sit here drinking my coffee this morning.. giggling at the fact that I almost screamed to my Caribou Coffee Barista "IM RECORDING AN ALBUM TODAY!!!" but held back as to not make things weird....  I'm listening to my phone recordings of my song over and over.. Looking for vocal mistakes or key mistakes.. I cant handle the excitement that is racing through my body! 

Today is the first day I go to the Studio and test it all out! Touch the keys, Meet Miles Hanson the Producer/Engineer... And record my first song. I was told about Creation Audio Studio, in Mpls by a few other artists.... And also have a Family/Friend connection to Miles that led me to choose them as well. I have so much hope that this will be the best place to record.. "By Special Request" ... 

I am starting with "Off the Ground" as my first recording. Its just me and the keys today... Which is exactly how I wanted to start. 

This song is a story as old as time... A seasoned relationship that has found themselves more distant than together... and questioning the moments that keep them together , and the ones that tear them apart. Can we get us off the ground?

To ALL of you that are on this Adventure with me... I thank you... and I welcome you in to all the crazy and all the magic! Cheers to what will be the next most exciting time in my life! 

Amanda B. Perry