Her voice is diva – no other word. It’s commanding, solid and hits the high notes. Her voice fits her sparkly knee-high boots. ” - Ann Treacy

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Amanda B. Perry


 Amanda B. Perry is a Twin Cities musician who brings passion and drama to the stage through powerful vocals, and soaring piano chords. In a pop/soul/americana style, inspired by artists such as David Gray and Adele. Amanda specializes in writing love songs, and songs of life’s shared experiences; as found on her albums “By Special Request”, and most recent release "My Time". 


Amanda B. Perry

Perry delivers a powerful vocal performance. Indeed, it is her forceful, soulful voice that really sets Perry apart. Displaying an impressive range and control, she possesses a distinctive singing voice that is full of emotion and heart ; more than simply singing, she puts on an absorbing performance packed with drama and tension. ” - Andrew Frolish

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Live at KJ's St Paul, photo by Erika Kensinger



Live on air with "The Rabbit Hole" Radio Show

The Rabbit Hole Radio Show

Two brothers, spontaneous conversation, great music, cocktails, movie quotes, and a strict dress code.. Amanda B. Perry joins the Supper Club gentlemen for an evening! Listen in 8:00 pm on Thurs June 6th! At https://live365.com/station/FuzzTalkRadio-a78894?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR3UwJ4Ls_nWXhlkBbfmwOC0KY074aLWdhre5IGmTqSl_Qeaa9iuahkRT8U_aem_AYJDCi_nn8s3U2HDqZGiZQdrmuYWt08FDp9bxSfw__1HH-xBO7JG5zlPhFVH0SAHBGQ95qE9NZD3Q2tMcwzCy344

And check their facebook page too! https://www.facebook.com/radiorabbithole/